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What can I say about Nick that hasn’t already been said…

What can I say about Nick that hasn’t already been said…

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"Am I a dick? Does everyone think I’m a dick?"

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"Maybe New Girl will cheer me up!"

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Ugh I don’t know which one is more sad: Danny’s face at the end of Be Cool or at the end of Think Like A Peter

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proper way to eat pizza

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I feel like it’s telling that in the final scene of TLAP Danny is on Mindy’s side of the bed.


Not just the set up for the earrings. That maybe it would be too miserable to see someone else in the place that really belongs to her.

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these episodes are killing me

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I have literally reblogged this so many times like

I’m mesmerized

Their reactions tho

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Chelsea Peretti

This is like a guy at my work who told me how it was weird I didn’t seem scared to be there by myself with him….well I wasn’t until you said that. 

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when ur entire class didnt do the homeworkimage

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So, I could be wrong, maybe, juuuuuust maybe, but i’m pretty sure this is what Danny was thinking. :P

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